Voltron의 Neil Kaplan, Kaplan이 비행 중 Mignogna를 비난 한 후 비행 중 기소 된 혐의

볼 트론

2 월 초, 2019의 성우 닐 카플란 레드 데드 리 뎀션 2, Destiny 2, 월드 오브 워크래프트, 건담볼 트론, accused fellow voice actor Vic Mignogna of misconduct while at a convention when Mignogna climbed onto Kaplan’s shoulders as part of a joke. However, while Kaplan has been championing the #MeToo movement and castigating Mignogna, new information has come to light from a staffer who did volunteer work at some of the conventions Kaplan attended, and according to her story, Kaplan engaged in inappropriate behavior and misconducted himself at the event. 계속 읽기 “Voltron’s Neil Kaplan Accused Of Misconduct After Kaplan Accused Vic Mignogna Of Misconduct”