NerdCubed는 TotalBiscuit Incident로 인해 BioWare 게임을 더 이상 다루지 않습니다.

NerdCubed BioWare

Some of BioWare’s employees used the death of YouTuber, John “TotalBiscuit” Bain, to castigate him for supporting #GamerGate and wanting better ethics in media journalism. The publicly made comments essentially meant to disgrace and defame the YouTuber’s legacy as some of BioWare’s staff decided to proclaim TotalBiscuit as an enabler of harassment and misogyny. They did so without any proof, and stepped into libelous territory. Casey Hudson publicly reproached one of the employees but stayed silent with the other. 계속 읽기 “NerdCubed Will No Longer Cover BioWare Games Due To TotalBiscuit Incident”