No Man 's Sky : 새로운 소셜 멀티 플레이어 기능으로 이번 여름에 무료 업데이트를 넘어서십시오.
아무 남자의 하늘 너머

Hello Games and 505 Games announced that No Man’s Sky: Beyond will be a massive new addition to the game, and it will arrive as a free update for X 박스 하나, PS4PC gamers this summer.

The new update will supposedly bring an all new multiplayer experience to the game (that was likely promised before the game was released but is only now appearing in the game some three years after its release) that will change the way everyone interacts with each other in 아니 사람의 하늘. Now supposedly you won’t need a subscription to make use of the new multiplayer feature and there are no microtransactions involved to pay to access this feature. It will be free for all players.

According to the press release the multiplayer mode will be an integral part for the “colossal” Beyond update set to go live this summer. A teaser trailer was rolled out to give gamers a no-nothing glimpse at what’s to come, but it’s only 23 seconds long.

I would imagine that this new multiplayer update will allow players to make use of multi-crew ships to explore the universe together, given that the press release literally says that players will “come together” in order to partake in “radical new ways to explore the universe”. So yeah, if it’s not a multi-crew experience than I have no idea what they’re referring to.

The game already has some basic multiplayer interaction features implemented after the No Man’s Sky: Next update went live, which also ushered in the game’s foray into launching on the Xbox One late and ignored like out of touch British politicians learning that fictional women in video games sometimes are subjected to virtual violence.

Anyway, they mention that the multiplayer isn’t the only part of the major aspect of the No Man’s Sky: Beyond update. There are also going to be other new features added, but they plan on revealing those in the coming weeks leading up to the release of the new update.


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