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There’s a new land, sea, and air action game in the works called RIP: Land-Air-Sea. It’s basically the new generation 워 락. Players will spawn into a world where they have access to tanks, airplanes and boats, battling it out against other players across a massive battlefield.

넥슨 워 락 originally made waves more than a decade ago as a rival to DICE’s 싸움터. Up to 32 players could take to a map, manning all manner of vehicles in a sandbox-style showdown. Developer Inverted Souls are hoping to recapture the audience that Nexon left behind when 워 락 closed up shop.

You’ll have a number of weapons at your disposal, both on foot and when you’re operating military vehicles. You can get a brief glimpse of the action with the trailer below.

A few screenshots reveal that there are four classes to choose from, much like 싸움터, with players having access to an Assault class, a Support class, an Engineer that can repair vehicles, and a Sniper class for long range combat.

Each class has access to their own loadout of equipment, which feature weapon attachments, and customizable weapon skins.

When the game enters into Early Access it will launch with a three different game modes, including Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, and Team Deathmatch. There will be support for both players and AI opponents, along with various land vehicles.

Now during the initial Early Access phase sea and air vehicles will not be available, but they plan on implementing them soon after the Early Access phase starts.

The game will stay in Early Access for around six months. Inverted Souls have plans on adding in more weapons, tanks, armored transport vehicles, a map editor, customizable vehicles, the customizable weapons, additional match options, and more maps.

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