EwinRacing은 블랙 프라이데이 주말 동안 게임 의자에서 30 % 할인 행사를 제공합니다
Ewinracing Black Friday

A bunch of companies are rolling out their deals over the Black Friday weekend in hopes of getting consumers to lay down some hard earned cash and coins in their coffers as we barrel toward the inevitable holiday rush that is Christmas. One such company looking to earn your patronage this weekend is EwinRacing, who announced that they have a 30% off deal on their racing gaming chairs and desks.

The news was rolled out with a quick tweet from the company’s official channel, announcing that you’ll only have between Friday and Saturday to get in on the deal, just in case you were looking for a high-quality gaming chair or a replacement for one that’s a little worn out along the edges.

As mentioned in the tweet, there will be a 20% off discount on any item that cost $199 or more using the code BF20 at the checkout. Alternatively, if you spend $259 or more on a purchase, you can get 30% off the total by using the code BF30 at checkout.

EwinRacing not too long ago announced that they had a new gaming char in their stock in the form of the the new Knight Series gaming chair, which features two different cushions at the lower back and for the neck rest, coupled together through buckles running along the front and pack of the chair. You gain access to reclining abilities, lowering or raising the chair using the pneumatic lever, and having 360 swivel capabilities.

It’s an alternate version of a similar chair from an off-brand company that comes with the same features, but also has a footrest that you can pull from underneath the chair using a dual steel bar, along with a built-in lower-back massage that can be turned on using the accompanying USB cable. Of course it would probably be a heck of a lot better if the back massage could be activated remotely, but then it would require batteries. Although, technically you could also attach it to a wireless USB powered battery and power it that way.

Anyway, the EwinRacing line-up of gaming gear is currently discounted over the weekend for Black Friday. You can learn more about the deals by visiting the 공식 웹 사이트.


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