EA와 Petroglyph, 다가오는 지휘권 주장 및 MTX가없는 Remasters 정복

일렉트로닉 아트와 암각화 게임이 리마스터됩니다 커맨드 앤 컨커 : Tiberian Dawn, 커맨드 앤 컨커 : 레드 얼럿, 및 3 개의 확장으로 알려진 은밀한 작전, Counterstrike, 여파 아마 잡기 나 소액 거래없이 PC. 릴리스 날짜가 아직 발표되지 않았습니다.

That’s right, the controversial publisher and developer known as Electronic Arts or EA will be teaming up with Petroglyph Games, a company made up of some of the original developers from Westwood Studios, to remaster multiple 커맨드 앤 컨커 제목과 확장.

EA Producer 인 Jim Vessella에 따르면 Joe Bostic, Steve Tall, Ted Morris 및 Mike Legg가 이러한 리메이크를 지원할 것이라고 그는 설명합니다. 또한 Lemon Sky Studios는 4K에서 리마스터 및 확장 기능을 제공함으로써 도움을받을 것입니다.

위의 정보는 Vessella의 Reddit 게시물, 바로 여기에서 읽을 수 있습니다 :

“A month ago, we let the Command & Conquer™ community know we were bringing the franchise back to the PC, starting with a remaster initiative. The reaction from fans has been amazing, with many of you sharing your favorite C&C moments from the past 23 years. We have been reading these comments and listening intently. And now, we are ready to reveal our first PC offering and how your suggestions are already influencing our approach.


Today, I’m thrilled to tell you we are going back to the beginning. We have decided to remaster Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn. And while this is incredibly exciting on its own, we’re also aware of how passionate the community is about the Red Alert universe. So, we will also remaster the original Command & Conquer: Red Alert™. But what about the classic expansion packs you may ask – Covert Ops, Counterstrike, and Aftermath? Well, C&C and Red Alert wouldn’t be the same without them, so all three expansion packs will be bundled with the base games into one remastered collection – without microtransactions.”

포스트는 계속해서 Westwood Studios와 그 변형에 대해 설명하고 누가 Petroglyph Games를 도울 것인가?

“Petroglyph Games includes many of the original developers from Westwood Studios, and some of the most influential members of the original Command & Conquer development team from 1995. Joe Bostic is known as the co-creator of C&C, having also served as the Lead Programmer on Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert. Steve Tall joined Joe as a Lead Programmer on Red Alert, and Ted Morris was the original community manager on the C&C franchise. And Mike Legg contributed to all forms of audio systems at Westwood, having been an employee since 1986! All four members helped start Petroglyph Games in 2003 after the closure of Westwood and are joined by a veteran group of RTS developers from the past 15+ years.”

EA가 곧 출시 될 예정이며 다가오는 모바일 버전의 C & C 작품에있다, Command & Conquer Rivals, it does make one question what tricks are up EA’s sleeves given that they promise no MTX will be in the game? Anyway, I’m sure EA has a trick to nickel and dime fans, but until then we’ll have to wait and see what will come out of these remasters.

마지막으로 알려진 것은 레드 얼럿 (Red Alert)과 세 가지 확장팩이 향후 PC 용으로 리마스터링 된 컬렉션으로 번들 될 것이라는 점입니다.