DICE의 무보수 인턴십은 전장에서 독성을 물리 치고 자합니다
Battlefield V

DICE is looking to bring in someone working on a master thesis from an accredited Swedish university in order to put together an outline to help the producers of the 싸움터 series establish “anti-toxicity” measures within the community.

코 타쿠에서 작업 spotted the news that was originally posted up over on the official Swedish website for DICE. In the jobs section, there’s an opening for an unpaid internship position where the master thesis will center around combating toxicity within the 싸움터 community. Essentially so that DICE can socially engineer its users to only behave in the way that they want them to.

The job description states…

“We want everyone to have fun playing Battlefield and participating in its community. Occasionally some players will behave… less than great though. This projects aim is to give engineers and producers a deeper insight into our players behavior on the Battlefield to help deliver a better experience for everyone.

“Investigations include:

“What type of disruptive behavior do we see in Battlefield today?
What drives or triggers people to disrupt other players games?
How can we prevent disruptive behavior in our titles and community?
What are some experiments we could conduct to measure benefits of punishing bad or rewarding good behavior?”

The company is supposedly looking for someone to help them identify ways to change the culture of their core audience.

This is all part of the continued efforts from those on the Left to change the landscape of gaming. We’ve seen similar tactics with the Facebook-financed initiative called “Women in Gaming”, where the idea is to reduce the amount of males working in the industry and the amount of males who appear in games until there’s “equal representation” in gaming for women.

One would think that DICE would be more concerned about actually having an audience for Battlefield V rather than worrying about “toxicity” within the 싸움터 사회.

Keep in mind that former EA executive Patrick Soderlund called critics of the game’s fantasy elements, such as the bionic arms featured in Battlefield V, "무교". Soderlund would also go on to say that people who didn’t like DICE’s historical revisionism of World War II shouldn’t buy the game after actual gamers and fans started the #NotMyBattlefield hashtag.

The anti-gamer approach EA took with promoting the game resulted in the pre-orders tanking for Battlefield V. If the pre-orders are anything to go by, instead of hiring someone to find and defeat “toxicity” within the community, they may have to hire someone to find them an audience.

(뉴스 팁 Blaughast 주셔서 감사합니다)


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