Fanatical, Digital Distributor Lets You Import Your Wishlist From Steam
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Competitors to rival Steam haven’t been frequent or noteworthy in recent years. Apart from there’s only Green Man Gaming and that have any sort of notability in the realm of digital distribution. Well, Fanatical is making moves and attempting to get their voice out there by luring in Steam users with a neat little promotion where you can import your entire Steam wishlist into Fanatical.

Using the Fanatical browser assistant, you can activate your account, log into Steam through the browser, and with just a few clicks have your Steam wishlist imported into your Fanatical account.

Once you synchronize your Steam wishlist with your Fanatical account, all you have to do is log into your Fanatical account, and all of the games that you wanted to buy from Steam, you can buy from Fanatical.

Once you install the browser addon, either for Chrome or Firefox, you can then head on over to the official Fanatical store page, and click on the “Wishlist Import” tab to begin the process.

Now I’m not entirely familiar with Fanatical’s reputation; whether or not they’re anti-gamers like certain other digital distributors remains to be seen, but so far they haven’t been caught on Twitter denigrating gamers, or shuffling off to ResetEra to grovel at the feet of SJWs and throw their customers under the bus.

For those of you not in the know, both 그린맨 게이밍 그리고, decided to make anti-gamer sentiments in order to appease SJWs.

It’s a bizarre turn of events when companies openly spite their own customers but then demand their money.That’s exactly what both Green Man Gaming and pulled out of the hat of distaste recently.

Anyway, you can give Fanatical a run if you’ve been looking to build up a library of games outside of Steam.


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