Warlocks 2 : 하나님 슬레이어즈 협동 ARPG, Nintendo Switch, Steam에 10 월 출시
흑 마법사 2 God Slayers

Polish game studio Fat Dog Games announced that their side-scrolling, four-player cooperative action-RPG, 흑 마법사 2 : 신 Slayers is set to release on Steam and 닌텐도 스위치 starting in October.

The side-scrolling action game will also make its way onto the PlayStation 4 and the X 박스 하나 in early first-quarter 2019. The game sees players choosing from a handful of characters and teaming up with three other friends as they attempt to journey across the multi-verse and fight larger than life monsters.

The game features 45 different upgradable abilities, and 120 different items that you can collect.

당신은 게임 플레이는 아래의 트레일러와 함께 어떤지 볼 수 있습니다.

The game is like a side-scrolling version of 긴 장갑 but with a sprite-based characters and backgrounds.

The game sports hunreds of different quests, and challenge-based leveles with some light platforming. In between levels you’ll head back to the bar to pick up quests, uprgade your skills and and learn how to get stronger.

The levels see players traveling to ancient forests, snowy mountaintops, classic dungeons, Nordic forests, and even futuristic levels featuring robots.

According to Krzysztof Krej from Fat Dog Games, the game is a mixture of humor and side-scrolling action-oriented combat…

“Warlocks 2 presents an exhilarating spread of multidimensional travel, side-scrolling adventure and hack ‘n’ slash combat. It’s the perfect blend of humor and action to share with friends.”

I don’t know how well this game will do on the market where so many other games are out there already featuring side-scrolling, action-oriented platforming. It’s a common trait among a lot of indie titles out there, but on the plus-side with Warlocks 2 at least the female character is designed to be hot.

As mentioned, you can look for the game to drop first on PC and Nintendo Switch this October for $19.99, followed by an early 2019 release on Xbox One and PS4.


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