Jawbreakers Comic에 대한 CBR 검열 모든 토론
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Comic Book Resources announced on , 17을 2018th 수 있습니다 that all discussion about Richard C. Meyer’s comic book, Jawbreakers, is banned on the forums.

The announcement came courtesy of forum moderator Matt, who wrote…

“Over the past couple of days, we’ve had some folks try to start discussions relating to the Antarctic Press/Jawbreakers story. As a Moderator team, we have decided that we do not wish it discussed and deleted such threads. “Why?” is a pretty obvious and fair question.

“The answer is very simple. We, again as a Moderator Team, do not wish to give D&C and the followers thereof any sort of platform to advertise their particular brand of nonsense. We have looked at all the information available and concluded that the viewpoints involved are abhorrent, the behaviours sickening and the general attitude a detriment to civil discourse; in short, they give comic book fandom a bad name.”

Over the last year Social Justice Warriors have been consistently harassing Richard C. Meyer and attempting to enact real-life violence against him, along with trying to 그의 팻 레온 계좌를 폐쇄하다..

SJWs hate Meyer because he criticizes many of their poorly made, poorly written, and poorly drawn propaganda being published at Marvel and DC, but mostly just Marvel. Meyer exposed the agitprop from Marvel’s comic book line through his YouTube channel Diversity & Comics. This resulted in SJWs smearing his name in public and attempting to organize harassment 그에 대하여.

Instead of complaining about the quality of comic books in the industry, Meyer decided to work with Marvel artist Jon Malin to create the comic book Jawbreakers : 잃어버린 영혼, which was crowdfunded through IndieGoGo $ 303,000의 곡조까지.

Propagandists in the media at outlets such as the 데일리 점, have been pushing the narrative that Richard C. Meyer is a harasser and that #ComicsGate is about attacking women in comics, writing…

“Crowdfunded indie comic Jawbreakers just lost its publishing deal, canceled due to its creator’s history of online harassment. It’s the latest chapter in the burgeoning Comicsgate saga, following in the footsteps of Gamergate.

“While Jawbreakers was a team effort like most comics, artists Jon Malin and Brett R. Smith attracted less attention than writer Richard C. Meyer. He’s better known as an online shit-stirrer, using the pseudonym Diversity & Comics to rail against—you guessed it—diversity in the comics industry.”

That particular article was recently published after Antarctic Press pulled out of publishing Jawbreakers.

Google continues to do its part by pushing this narrative to the forefront of search engines, all while actual proof or evidence of harassment committed by Meyer is non-existent. Nevertheless, in the age of fake news controlled by ideologically driven tech platforms such as Google and Facebook, it’s no surprise that falsehoods stand front and center when doing a basic search for something like the Jawbreakers 만화책.

Leveraging the fake news hysteria pushed by the Regressive Left, Comic Book Resource has banned all discussion of Jawbreakers in order to limit the reach for potential customers through grassroots marketing campaigns. If people can’t discuss the comic book on the forums, it limits their ability to purchase the comic from store shops when it launches this August.

Matt rounded out the forum post by stating…

“This is an issue that is not open for debate or discussion at this time. Thank you for both your consideration and understanding.”

You’ll still be able to purchase Jawbreakers at participating retailers through the Splatto Comics publishing line. For more info you can also visit the IndieGoGo 페이지.

[업데이트 :] Matt has posted another message clarifying that CBR doesn’t even want fans of the Jawbreakers comic book or listeners to Diversity & Comics visiting or participating in any forum activity…

“The Moderating Team have decided that D&C do not deserve a platform for their views on these forums. Their position is abhorrent. Their behaviour is sickening. Their actions are a detriment to comic book fandom in general. The CBR Forums will not be used to give them any sort of publicity or chance to further play victim (when they’ve been the ones causing all the issues).

“This is not an issue that is going to be discussed on the CBR Forums. As far as the Mod Team is concerned, D&C and anyone who follows their position are not welcome here.”


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