EVO 2018 라인업에 Dragon Ball FigtherZ가 포함되어 있지만 Marvel 대 Capcom : Infinite가 컷을 만들지 않습니다.
드래곤 볼 파이터 Z 에보 2018

2018 maybe the [current year] but that hasn’t stopped EVO from featuring the GameCube’s 슈퍼 스매쉬 브라더스 근접 in the top eight line-up of games due to be showcased during the biggest FGC e-sports event of the year.

슈퍼 스매쉬 브라더스 근접 함께합니다 슈퍼 스매쉬 브라더스 for the Wii U, along with BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle and 길티 기어 XRD 계 2. The news went live courtesy of a Twitch stream that revealed all the games that would be present at this year’s upcoming summer event.

The full line-up includes:

  • 철권 7
  • Super Smash Bros. Wii U
  • 스트리트 파이터 브이 : 아케이드 에디션
  • 길티 기어 XRD 계 2
  • 드래곤 볼 FighterZ
  • 슈퍼 스매쉬 브라더스 근접
  • 불의의 2
  • Blazblue Cross Tag Battle

Already the most talked about game in the line-up is 드래곤 볼 FighterZ.

Thankfully the hideous abomination that is 마블 대 캡콤 : 무한 컷을 만들지 않았다. Even nude mods couldn’t save that game.

드래곤 볼 FighterZ on the other hand is an absolute beast. The game peaked at 44,000 users on Steam, and now averages around 10,000 players, according to 스팀 차트.

The game is a beast and it didn’t even have a very aggressive marketing campaign, proving that good games sell fast, and fun games last long without requiring $100 million dollar marketing budgets.

If the hype can maintain (and even if they only lose a thousand players a month, they’ll still have some good momentum heading into EVO) then 드래곤 볼 FighterZ could end up being the biggest game of the event. We’ll get a really good gauge on the interest levels when registration goes live and we’ll get to see just how many people will attempt to test their might in Bandai Namco’s new e-sport muse.


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