Blair Dame, Cracker Jack, Shadowgeist Videos를 보여주는 EX 레이어와의 전투

Arika has posted new 파이팅 EX 레이어 videos showing Blair Dame, Cracker Jack, and Shadowgeist gameplay. The upcoming fighting game will release for PS4 올해.

The last information that was dropped by Arika came that of a live stream on Sunday, which unveiled a beefy Shadowgeist. Joining the newly revealed character comes two new gameplay videos featuring the previously shown Blair Dame and Cracker Jack.

Blair Dame and Cracker Jack share the same gameplay video, while Shadowgeist has a new video that teases two shadow characters at the end. You can check out the former video below thanks to Arika’s YouTube channel.

The second video, as mentioned above, contains content of Shadowgeist and two characters that are speculated to be Hayate, Sharon, or Nanse.

The video showing off Shadowgeist explains his backstory and what he’s currently doing in the realm of 파이팅 EX 레이어. You can read his story here:

“With information that his daughter is alive, Shadowgeist heads to America. In exchange for his daughter’s safety, he agrees to help the Secret Service to eradicate an unknown outbreak of Minus Energy.”

Looking past all character gameplay videos and backstory, hopefully the game sees more polish and flaunts better SFX. The game still acts like its in a very early work in progress (WIP) state and not like its about to come out in June of this year.

I know that the game will release in the next five months and a lot can happen within that time frame, so hopefully we’ll see improvements especially when it comes to the animations and sound effects.

지금과 같은 파이팅 EX 레이어 시작하지 않을 것이다. PC, however Arika said that if the game performs better than expected and gamers like it, the fighting game could gain a physical release, as well as a PC version via Steam. For now the game will only be available for PS4.


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