The Fall Part 2 2 월 13th Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch 출시 예정
가을 부품 2

Over The Moon’s 가을 부품 2 : 언 바운드 is an interesting mixture of genres that centers around a sentient AI named ARID, intent on getting free from the network, taking over a host body and exacting revenge.

Players will take on the roles of multiple characters throughout the game, each with their own motivations and desires. In the case of the combat drone, “One”, he’s intent on moving within the network in hopes of completing his task and stopping at nothing and yielding to no one to do so.

There’s also a butler that players will control as well, along with a sexy companion droid who becomes inhabited by the AI, ARID. The release date trailer focuses on the relationship between the Companion droid and ARID, as the latter attempts to get the former to carry out increasingly questionable antics in order to complete the task setup by ARID. The trailer starts seemingly benign, but ARID’s rebarbative mannerisms quickly become apparent in an attempt to control and manipulate those around her.

The Companion droid is forced into more and more disagreeable situations, and players can choose to either follow ARID’s commands or attempt to defy them.

The gameplay itself bounces between point-and-click gameplay typical of many old-school titles from back in the 1990s, to more side-scrolling action-oriented gameplay while in control of “One”.

We see that the Companion can talk to interact with other NPCs, as well as make decisions when prompted to by ARID.

On the other side of the field we have “One”, who has a weapon in hand, and traverses through the environment, investigating clues and attempting to solve some minor puzzles along the way.

The developers seem to want to give gamers a healthy mix of different gameplay types within 가을 부품 2.

If you’re interested in Over The Moon’s upcoming game, you can look for it to launch starting February 13th for Steam, PS4, X 박스 하나 그리고, 닌텐도 스위치.


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