SteamCity, Turn-Based Tabletop 게임이 Steampunk의 섹시 함을 PC에 제공합니다.

An East-meets-West steampunk mash-up is what bests describe the tabletop game SteamCity. The real-life miniatures are available right now from Magic Reality’s 온라인 상점, featuring an eclectic collection of designs centered around a world ran and ruined by an oppressive corporate regime, while rebels attempt to fight back against the faceless conglomerate.

Indie studio FeelThere, headed up by industry veterans Yoji Momiyama and Victor Racz, are currently working on bringing the tabletop version of SteamCity to life in the form of an interactive, turn-based strategy game on PC.

The duo jointly announced that the game is currently in development for PC, mixing in era-specific architecture from both the East and the West to create a uniquely flavored strategy game centered around a story of rebellion and revolt.

SteamCity (01)

As evident from the screenshots, SteamCity combines Bavarian-style city streets with Chinese-flavored aesthetics.

The steampunk nature of the city is brought to life with steam-powered pipes running from the ground all the way through the upper floors of the cluttered structures few call home.

Dioramas of the cityscape are featured in a few of the shots, giving gamers a look at how the action may play out on the thematic maps.

SteamCity (04)

SteamCity (05)

The press release reveals that the game will have a single-player story mode but will also support online multiplayer options. There will be 20 playable characters and eight different levels to play through. They’re billing the game as “tabletop reinvented”, not unlike or Wartile.

Most impressive is that so far the in-game character models seem to be modeled after the original figurines, retaining both their unique look and their sexy designs.

The game is still a ways off from release, and it’s completely possible that Momiyama and Racz could repeal their artistic vision in favor of something more tepid or “culturally sensitive”. Hopefully they stick to their guns and keep the in-game assets identical to the real-life miniatures as showcased in the gameplay screenshots above.

For now we’ll have to wait for more info on SteamCity but you can keep track of development by visiting the official FeelThere website.


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