Overkill의 The Walking Dead Trailer는 가을을 밝힙니다, 2018 릴리스 창
잔인한 사람의 걷는 사람 - 에이든

For some reason Overkill Software couldn’t quite seem to squeeze their upcoming 죽은 도보 game’s trailer into the jam-packed Game Awards. In result, they had to release their trailer during that awkward moment that takes place outside of the PSX and Game Awards hype vehicles, leaving it to saunter around the much-neglected Sunday afternoon news circuit. Plenty of outlets aren’t wasting time publishing news during that time splot, and most of the trending topics were taking over the social media meta-waves on Friday evening and Saturday morning. Nevertheless, Overkill seems to be taking whatever they can get.

Well, if you were one of those people who figured that you would waste a Sunday checking out a new trailer for the upcoming 과잉 워킹 데드이다, you’re in luck because the near three minute promo piece is up and available for your viewing pleasure.

The trailer starts with a look at the street just outside the U.S. Capitol building.

Some dude named Aidan is getting pestered by a bunch of people on the phone: to finish his work, to take care of his brother, to be responsible, and all the other toils that come with being an adult.

The trailer then shifts its focus after he zones out on the bench, and he’s still in Washington D.C., but this time around the streets are ruined, zombies are all over the places, and he’s dressed to kill. Oh yeah, and he has a spiked baseball bat in hand.

Surprisingly, the comment section seemed positive for the game.

잔인한 사람의 걷는 자

Most of the people joke about how it looks like Lee from Telltale’s 워킹 데드 : 시즌 1.

What’s most shocking is that people don’t seem to be commenting on the fact that it’s just a pre-rendered cinematic with zero weight.

There are no gameplay details, no in-engine assets on display, nothing.

For as far as I’m concerned this speaks nothing for the quality of the game. We still don’t know anything about it and if it’s still going to be downgraded to accommodate the X 박스 하나 그리고, PS4, don’t expect impressive graphics at all.

어쨌든, 과잉 워킹 데드이다 is due out next fall in 2018 for home consoles and PC.


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