Windows Mixed Reality 헤드셋에 대한 위험 염소 출시

위험한 염소

참여 OEM의 새로운 Windows Mixed Reality 헤드셋을 활용하도록 특별히 설계된 최초의 게임 중 하나가 출시되었습니다. 라고 불린다 위험한 염소 개발자 nDreams VR이 제공합니다.

The game is designed where you’re supposed to help guide the goat across 28 different levels, ranging from forests to mountains to open plains. The objective is to help the goat get back into space.

A launch trailer gives you a small idea of what the gameplay is like, but it’s mostly composed of cinematics so it might be tough to properly understand the actual gameplay.

보도 자료에 따르면 플레이어는 자신의 모션 완드를 사용하여 환경을 조작하여 염소가 안전하도록 돕습니다.

It’s a little bit like a new-age version of 나그네 쥐, 초록색 머리카락의 프롤레타리아트에게 부여하는 특별한 속성의 다른 종류가있는 대신에, 대신에 지팡이를 사용하여 구조물을 두들 기고, 함정을 파괴하고, 염소가 플랫폼을 가로 지르도록 돕고, 결국 무대의 끝까지 가야합니다.

I don’t know if this is the kind of game that would really convince gamers to go out and grab a Mixed Reality Headset for Windows, but if you already own one of the new headsets and you’re in desperate need of software for it, there’s 위험한 염소.

One thing absolutely needs to be made clear: they’re going to need real games for the MRH devices if they want to actually convince people to pick one up. The sad reality, however, is that there aren’t any real games for the standard VR headsets, other than maybe 슈퍼 고온의 VR.

So basically it’s going to be an uphill struggle convincing gamers to dump hundreds of more dollars into the VR fad when the standard VR headsets are still being under-utilized when it comes to proper software support.