Fell Seal : Arbiter 's Mark는 Kickstarter가 끝나기 전에 마지막 집회를 시도합니다.
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The tactical turn-based strategy game from 6 Eyes Studio called 도망자 : Arbiter 's Mark is nearing the end of its tenure on Kickstarter. The game is 65% funded but only has five days to go before the campaign wraps up. In a last ditch effort bid to get gamers to contribute to the project before it finishes up.

The developers are currently seeking $40,000, and they’re currently at $28,000. 6 Eyes Studio wanted to remind gamers that they can check out a playable demo of 물개 인감 to get a taste of the gameplay and the JRPG-inspired tactical combat mechanics.

The game draws inspiration from classics like 파이널 판타지 전술 그리고, 전술 오우거, relying on topographically diverse battle maps to challenge your strategic prowess, as well as allowing players to customize their team by utilizing up to 20 different classes, more than 200 abilities, and 240 different pieces of gear.

One of the unique hooks for 물개 인감 is that there’s a strong focus on customization, and enforcing players to aspire to get creative with the way they develop their team and playing style. And it’s not just about the way you play on the battlefield, but how you can accessorize your team as well. There’s a variety of portraits, outfits, hats, hair-styles, skin colors, head types, and accouterments you can add to distinctly give your team members their own flair.

If they can manage to get the game funded, 6 Eyes Studio has plans on wrapping up development by the middle of next year, in hopes of getting the game finalized and released by July, 2018.

It’s a hand-painted title so there’s obviously going to be some measure of limitations on the game’s scope, but they are aiming to include at least 40 different battle environments, and a wide selection of enemies to encounter.

당신은에 대해 자세히 알아볼 수 있습니다 Fell Seal: Arbieter’s Mask 를 방문하여 Kickstarter 페이지. Alternatively you can grab the free demo from over on Itch.io.


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