Firewatch, PewDiePie와의 DMCA 계약 체결, 폐쇄 된 인종 차별 주의자보다 나 빠졌다
Firewatch 대 Pewdiepie

[보정: The original headline mentioned that the developers “filed” a DMCA, but they are in the process of “filing” DMCA claims.]

Sean Vanaman from Campo Santo Studios took to Twitter to announce that they would be filing DMCA claims against Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg over comments he made during a live-stream of PlayerUnknown의 전장. This would prevent PewDiePie from live-streaming or producing content around Campo Santo’s game Firewatch.

게임 인포 머 포인트 트윗 from Vanaman, who wrote…

“We’re filing a DMCA takedown of PewDiePie’s Firewatch content and any future Campo Santo games. There is a bit of leeway you have to have with the internet when u wake up every day and make video games. There’s also a breaking point.

“I am sick of this child getting more and more chances to make money off of what we make. He’s worse than a closeted racist: he’s a propagator of despicable garbage that does real damage to the culture around this industry.

“Furthermore, we’re complicit: I’m sure we’ve made money off of the 5.7M views that video has and that’s something for us to think about. Lastly: I love streamers. I watch them daily and we sent out over 3000 keys to professional and amateur streamers of [FireWatch].”

This comes after games journalists such as 패트릭 클레펙 그리고, 오스틴 워커 have been retweeting and sharing a video from Pop News Hub, which captured a clip of PewDiePie using strong language during a game of PlayerUnknown의 전장.

This act from Campo Santo has received support from other indie developers and those within a certain clique within the gaming industry.

Outspoken journalist Ian Miles Cheong, however, denounced the seemingly “punitive” actions being sought by developers against PewDiePie, mentioning across a number of 트윗

”This has the potential to get Felix’s channel shut down. It will, if anything, cut off his ability to livestream anything else. It is also a complete abuse of DMCA. Pewdiepie’s videos were produced under Fair Use. He did not steal the videos. He made original content.

“OK, it’s one thing to criticize the guy for misspeaking during his livestream but this is becoming punitive. It always does.”

Cheong also points to Campo Santo’s own rules and standard regarding live-streaming their games, pointing out that their actions completely contradict their previous terms and conditions. Over on the 공식 웹 사이트, it explicitly states…

“[…] We love that people stream and share their experiences in the game. You are free to monetize your videos as well.

“It doesn’t hurt to let us know on Twitter when you’re live. We might show up in your chat!”

This isn’t the first time that PewDiePie fell into the mixing bowl of trouble. Earlier in the year he was subject to scrutiny over a Wall Street Journal piece that led to lots of advertisers pulling out of YouTube, and causing YouTube to revamp their monetization policies, following the Wall Street Journal’s piece, which had originally taken some of PewDiePie’s comments and video content out of context in order to paint him as a National Socialist.


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