F1 2017 비디오 쇼케이스 사실적인 조명, 번개 빠른 게임 플레이
F1 2017

Codemasters dropped a brand new trailer for F1 2017 entitled “Born to be Wild”, it’s set to the song of the name and features a collage of some hard-hitting racing action taking place across various tracks around the world.

The Formula One racer trailer starts off with a panoramic look at one of the grand prix stages before quickly flashing through a few other landmarks located in other tracks that you’ll be racing through.

We then get a few close-ups of the racers, and then it’s time to actually see the machines tearing up the track in an attempt to get the pole position. You can check it out below.

Obviously the trailer is designed to make the game look as slick as possible. However, a lot of people probably would want to see how the game actually plays in real-time running at a crisp and uninterrupted 60fps gameplay.

음, 유튜브 티아 멧 마둑 managed to upload footage of actual gameplay, consisting of a raceg around a track in Japan.

The footage below features racing enthusiast David Greco, who tears up the track like a burning demon descending from heaven riding a lightning bolt of vengeance. Check it out below.

The game looks very smooth.

One thing worth noting is that the natural lighting really shines in this game. The subdued use of refraction and highlights help make the environments look realistic and it also really helps the characters and vars look real as well.

I’m impressed with how the game looks and performs. I think Slightly Mad should definitely take some tips when it comes to vehicle lighting because it’s one of the few things that really keeps 프로젝트 CARS from looking as realistic as it could.

어쨌든, 당신은 찾아보실 수 있습니다 F1 2017 ~을 위해 들르다 PC, PS4 그리고, X 박스 하나 8 월 25th 시작.


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