Empire Of The Undergrowth 스 니크 픽 비디오, 개발 업데이트 발표

The genre of bug management or ant simulation has been on the slow rise recently. In keeping with that trend, there is one game by Slug Disco Studios named 덤불의 제국 that aims to bring the genre to the forefront even more-so than it already is. Currently without a release date, 덤불의 제국 데뷔 할 예정이다. PC via Steam Early Access sometime this Summer.

Simulation games can be very simple or very complex in nature depending on how the devs behind the sim work out the mechanics. Falling in between the difficulty scale comes a balance that makes the game not only fun but something that stands the test of time, and that very thing takes passion and can only come from the devs.

In addition to the above, Slug Disco Studios is aiming to pour as much passion into their upcoming bug management sim, Empires of the Undergrowth, before releasing it to the public via Early Access. To polish the game up without fans of the genre forgetting about the game in the process, the devs seemingly struck up a screenshot Saturday routine that shows off up and coming progress of Empires of the Undergrowth.

The latest video as part of the devs’ screenshot Saturday shows off the newest changes that happen to be a lift to the UI, and features a narrator that talks about the threats your colony will face. Additionally, the much older UI can be viewed above in the header image, whilst the newer UI can be seen in the 새 비디오 아래.

Given that the bug management sim now has an Early Access sneak peek video means that development is going rather well… hopefully. Before this video, the only thing regarding a release revolved around its “Summer 2017” Steam Early Access announcement. Of course, more Screenshot Saturday material and sneak peek videos are more than welcome leading up to its release.

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