Shantae는 : 하프 지니 영웅이 여름 전환 닌텐도에 오는
Shantae 절반 지니 영웅

One of the most underrated game series on the market today is WayForward Game’s Shantae. The side-scrolling, role-playing platformer really took gamers by surprise when 반 지니 영웅 launched at the tail end of December for home consoles and PC. Well, now the game is set to arrive on the 닌텐도 스위치 이번 여름.

The news comes courtesy of a tweet sent out by WayForward’s official Twitter account, where they revealed that Switch owners would have some additional games to look forward to during those hot sweltering days – whether tucked inside under the breeze of a fan or walking down the sidewalk to pick up an ice cold smoothie.

This is actually great news for Nintendo Switch owners because this is a perfect game for the system. It has all the HD charm required to take advantage of the Switch’s native 1080p output, giving gamers a look at Shantae’s vivacious moves on the big screen, while also affording them with all the pleasantries native to mobile gaming, such as easy pick-up-and-play controls, short quests with frequent saves, and a vibrant art-style that pops out of the screen.

I was really impressed with the game’s quality output, and I had no idea that a Kickstarter funded project like Shantae: Half-Genie hero could turn out in such a wonderful way. The animations for Shantae – especially her hip-gyrating dances – look silky smooth and hypnotically captivating in action, while the platforming and ever-scaling challenges and quests keep the levels feeling engrossing.

I suspect we’ll get a full cemented release date for Shantae : 하프 지니 영웅 on the Nintendo Switch come this June. Nintendo seems to be stockpiling a lot of games for release throughout the summer, which isn’t a bad way to go about it given that usually in gaming there’s a summer drought. But if Nintendo flips that around it could help continue to bolster both the hardware and software sales momentum of the Switch and its library.


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