Fire Emblem Warriors Coming To Nintendo Switch Holiday, 2017
파이어 엠블렘 전사

Koei Tecmo and Omega Force announced that they have a huge game in store for 닌텐도 스위치 gamers in the form of the Musou title, 파이어 엠블렘 전사.

They released a teaser trailer as part of the live-stream presentation 닌텐도 held in Tokyo, Japan on January 12th for the 닌텐도 스위치 release date and price announcement. The teaser trailer confirmed that various characters from the 파이어 엠블렘 series would make an appearance in the upcoming crossover game. You can check out the teaser trailer below.

Commenters quickly confirmed who was in the game based on the weapons showcased in the trailer, revealing that Chrom, Corrin, Ryoma, Xander and Marth. Sadly no Ike and no Tharja, but knowing 코 에이 테크모 they’ll have a nice marketing campaign leading up to the release of the game by giving gamers ample promotional material in the form of new character reveals and trailers, similar to how they promote the 왕조 전사 games or how they handled 을 hyrule 전사 Wii의 U.에

The funny part about the teaser is that a lot of people were quick to lay out lists of the characters from the 파이어 엠블렘 side they wanted to see in the game but barely mentioned anything about what sort of stages or story they would like to see unfold.

It’ll be pretty easy for them to win over plenty of gamers if they just focus on making sure the gameplay is solid and not let any SJWs near the localization process so we don’t get another 파이어 엠블렘 : 운명 큰 실수.

There’s no release date set but you can expect to see 파이어 엠블렘 전사 충돌 닌텐도 스위치 during the fall holiday season in 2017. It sounds like the Nintendo Switch will certainly have a stacked holiday season later this year, assuming none of their planned games get delayed (which is likely) and third-party support doesn’t pull out like an unwed boyfriend trying to avoid getting his girlfriend pregnant (which is also likely).

Be sure to keep an eye out as Koei Tecmo reveals more playable characters as part of the playable line-up for the upcoming 파이어 엠블렘 전사.


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