Metronomicon, 음악 - 리듬 RPG는 스팀에 도착했습니다

One of the most creative games I’ve ever seen has finally launched on Steam for $19.99. Developed by Puuba and published by Kasedo Games, Metronomicon is a music-rhythm role-playing game where players will battle through enemies, upgrade their character stats and rock out to some of the most awesome licensed music featured in a video game.

Players will be able to bring a party of four with them into battle at any single time. The gameplay itself is based on rhythmic responses. The object is to perform skills by pressing the button at the right time on the beat of the music. Some songs offer harder beats than others, some enemies offer greater challenges than others. The whole idea is to stack the skills, use teamwork and defeat the monsters using the power of licensed tunes!

Kasedo recently posted up the launch trailer for the game, which you can check out below.

The game features an eclectic mix of tunes from a variety of recognized indie artists, including songs from Mega Ran, Pertubator, DJ Sultan and Viking Guitar. The soundtrack alone is almost worth picking the game up for, the added combat and story is just a bonus on top.

To keep the gameplay and the action feeling fresh, there’s a free-play mode, additional side-quests and even ranked missions. Additionally, there’s an arena mode where you can test your wits and turn-based, music-rhythm combat skills, putting your timing and reflexes to the ultimate test.

Feedback for the game from both games media and gamers have been very positive. Majority of the Steam user reviews are positive, with some gamers calling Metronomicon a holy marriage between 기타 영웅 그리고, 최종 판타지. That’s a combination I never thought I would be writing out.

Anyway, you can get your hands on the game for only $19.99 over on the 증기 저장소.


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