Metronomicon는 RPG 음악 게임은 게이머에게 Pertubator의 맛을 제공합니다


새로운 비디오가 호출 Puuba 및 Kasedo 게임에서 곧 음악의 리듬, 롤 플레잉 게임 출시되었습니다 Metronomicon. 새로운 업데이트는 게이머들에게 Pertubator의 "그녀는 젊다, 그녀는 아름답다, 그녀는 다음"의 짧은 샘플과 함께 진정으로 독특한 타이틀에 등장하는 몇 가지 사이드 퀘스트를 간략히 살펴볼 수있게합니다.

Puuba’s Metronomicon is a work of pure genius. You have a party of mages, warriors, priests and fighters, battling against the forces of evil… using music. Players will be able to switch between their party members on the fly while attempting to keep in sync with the music. The characters dance and bob to the music while players attempt to hit the corresponding keys to execute commands.

당신이 게임이 무엇인지 매우 빠른 맛을해야하는 경우처럼 아래 티저 트레일러를 확인할 수 있습니다.

이제 좋은 물건을합니다.

개발자 대니 가필드는에 새 게시물에 설명 스팀 페이지 what gamers can expect from the side-quest leaderboard system, as well as some of the additional elements to help increase the game’s replayability. This includes being able to tackle missions where you can gather up loot for the party or battle it out in arenas against fearsome foes.

Of course, I could textually explain all of the minutiae from the update as if you would want to read all of that text from the minute’s worth of a developer diary in the video below, or you could just watch a minute’s worth of the developer diary below, which is then followed by a clip of Pertubator putting it down at the end of the clip. Check it out.

That’s a slick song from one of the few masters of the dark-synth sub-genre. I don’t know if that’s one of the better songs on the “Dangerous Days” album because all those songs were righteous on that OST.

And speaking of original soundtracks… Metronomicon DJ 커트먼 및 요트에서 출시되지 않은 반짝 장난감 총의 음악, 음악과 함께 지미 우린 같은 아티스트의 오리지널 음악을 특징으로합니다.

Players will be able to loot and grind like other RPGs, except they’ll be doing so with the kind of muscled-up tunes to make your ears feel like they just got injected with melodic steroids.

You can look for this very original and completely different rhythm-RPG to launch on Steam sometime late into 2016. In the meantime you can keep an eye on updates and the development progress by hitting up the game’s 스팀 상점 페이지.