Tekken 7 예고편, Street Fighter의 Akuma에서 게스트 등장

철권 7 Akuma

어쩌면 철권 X 스트리트 파이터 crossover isn’t as far off as we all thought? While 철권 생산자 인 하라다 카즈히로 (Haru Kazuhiro Harada)는 이전에 모든 시스템과 모델과 자산이 존재한다고 언급했지만, 어떤 종류의 국가가 게임인지에 대해서는 믿기 어려웠다. 철권 7 "Fated Retribution"이라는 제목이 붙은 나는 크로스 오버가 어떻게 일어날 수 있는지 쉽게 볼 수있다.

YouTuber tzBigWorm 이전 예고편의 많은 재생 장면을 묘사 한 2 분 30 초짜리 예고편을 올렸습니다. 철권 7. We see Heihachi and the Mishima Corporation; we see Kazuya as a child; and we continue to get glimpses of Kazuya’s mother, Kazumi Mishima. The real big surprise is the reveal of Akuma.

He’s only briefly showcased in two sequences, one where he pounds the ground and another where we get a close-up of his face as he charges up.

I really have to say that I think he’s a perfect fit for 철권 7!

In fact, it would be pretty cool if Akuma turned out to be the final boss of the game given that he’s such a righteous badass I can easily see him being a moral turning point for the Mishima family. Akuma is all about giving in to one’s demons to become the ultimate bloodlusting fighter. Kazuya and Jin are always teetering on the moral tipping point; Jin more-so than Kazuya and Kazuya more-so than Heihachi. Story wise they could work some serious magic into the series, not that it really needs it given how complex the story and characters are already.

철권 7

So far fans are extremely excited about the inclusion of Capcom’s popular anti-villain into the 철권 우주.

철권 7 에 출시 될 예정이다 X 박스 하나, 플레이 스테이션 VR과 PS4 밝혀지지 않은 시간에.